Sustainable. Attainable. Beautiful. Empowering.


Sustainable. Attainable.
Beautiful. Empowering.

Sabé has been building sustainable and affordable homes in Northern Arizona since 2014. Our homes allow buyers to live in style while making a savvy financial investment. We are committed to creating environmentally and economically sustainable opportunities for all home buyers.

Why do we work hard to make affordable housing?

Many people dream of owning a home of their own. Here at Sabé, we know everyone deserves to have a home of their dreams. We make this possible by building homes off-site in a factory and delivering them right to your property. Not only is this building method far more cost-effective, but our homes are also built to the highest standards. We inspect our homes throughout every stage of the process and guarantee your home with a warranty to back it up.

What does sustainable means to us? 

Sustainable means using high-quality materials in our prefab homes such as energy-efficient insulation, vinyl low E dual-glazed windows and Energy Star appliances so that you can save money on your energy bills while helping to save the planet. 

Are you ready to begin your journey?